Can't Be Your Friend

by Sidewalk Dave

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"'Can't Be Your Friend'... easily one of the best releases of 2011. 'Sinister Things' is one of the best songs of the year hands down."
- (Dec 14, 2011)


released May 20, 2011

All songs written and performed by Sidewalk Dave
Recorded, produced and mixed by Jacob Eli Goldman in New Haven, CT
Mastered by Nicholas Pope in Brooklyn, NY
Album cover photography by Mike A. Ross Photography LLC
Album art concept by Sidewalk Dave
Project managed by Adam Shapiro

Sidewalk Dave is:
Sidewalk Dave – guitar, vocals, words
Chris “Mudge” Dickerson – Drums, Vocals, Rhodes
Mike Skaggs – Bass guitar*
Jacob Eli Goldman – Wurlitzer Organ on 1.
*All bass was tracked by Jacob Eli Goldman while Mike was away.

Special Thanks to our families, Tribe, Adam Shapiro, Verred Rose.



all rights reserved


Sidewalk Dave New Haven

Oddly American alt-rock.

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Track Name: Can't Be Your Friend
It can be such a funny thing, why is it so much changes when I try and lean in?
I felt heavy with thick skin, until you pulled away and I couldn’t stand against the wind.

So much happens when I lean in,
and when I see you falling towards
I wasn’t caught up by your lips
So I kept leaning till I was leaning through the floor...
Babe I can’t just be your friend.

Can’t be your friend, want you in my hands,
can’t be your friend, I can’t just be your friend, oh nooooooooooooooo

Baby don’t move, can I ask you this? What’s the point of love if we haven’t ever even kissed
I’m not saying that’s all that there is, but you taste so good like peaches wet in my mustache

You pulled away and I’m through the floor,
I think I’m on my way
To burn in the fires of wanting more,
It’s hot down here, but look at you, can I be to blame?
Babe I can’t just be your friend.
Track Name: Love on the Loose
I love a mother ‘cause she’s so strong
I love a daughter, we sneak around
I love her sister and we both know that it’s wrong
But I don’t love that I have to choose,
All my love is still on the loose

I love a smart girl with huge books
I love a dull girl with good looks
I love her in the city or in the woods
But I don’t love that I have to choose,
All my love is still on the loose.

All my love is still on the loose (4x)

I love them good and I love them bad
I love the first and I love the last
I love each and every one that I never had
But I don’t love that I have to choose,
All my love is still on the loose.
Track Name: On My Way (to Hell)
You can’t be wise and in love, I’m so sorry to get your hopes up
You’re what I need but not what I want, I know it’s hard but that’s not all.
No, I know that you know that I’m wrong.

On my way to hell, whoah, I’ll be kicking myself
On my way down that dark well, oh well.

Woaaaooooaaoh wahaooohhoo
The end justifies no means
Woaaaooooaaoh wahaooohhoo

You can’t be wise and in love, there’s reason to be but it just can’t be done
From above you’ll be singing a song, and from below I’ll be singin’ along
And I know that you know that I’m wrong.
Track Name: Sinister Things
I think some sinister things, when I drink I think about
How many people I could rip from their limbs and whose blood goes under the rug

There’s a darkness a lingering, when I think that it’s coming out
You gotta promise me love that you’ll run, promise me, love, that you’ll run

Whose blood goes under the rug? (4x)

You don’t know how much I’d do for you

I love the way that you moan when I sink between your thighs
but I think right now we got to be alone, you can’t be wise and in love